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Intuit Quickbook’s early start program for new business owners

Posted at 4:53 PM, Jan 21, 2022

An estimated 17 million new small businesses will be launched in 2022 and with that there will be plenty of both opportunities and excitement but potential stress for new business owners.

Nationally renowned psychologist Dr. Sherry Walling is teaming up with Intuit Quickbooks to share some new tools and inspiration through it’s Early Starts program.

Sherry says it is important that you want to be in the driver’s seat of your business. She says as a psychologist she finds a lot of time I am talking with people about the highs and lows of the emotional journey of running a business, sort of the duality of emotions that you can experience and expect when you are buckling up for this journey.

What should you think of before you even start your small business? Sherry says she thinks it is really important to be prepared for the emotional ups and downs that are often part of the journey. She says it is a wonderful experience to put something out in the world but it takes a lot from you as a human and it takes a lot from the mental side.

What are some of the tools that small businesses can use to get started? Sherry says when people are starting a business they are often really good at something, maybe they make the best cupcakes or they build the most beautiful websites. They have a skill or a talent that they have carefully crafted and honed over time. She says when you are starting a business you also have to be good at these critical business operations, like managing your invoicing and inventory, making sure you that don’t lose track of how much money you have; you need to learn how to communicate with your customers effectively. Sherry teamed up with Intuit Quickbooks in order to help early start entrepreneurs set some of those really good practices in place right at the beginning so they know exactly what they are doing as they are getting started.

Sherry says the number one rule of business is don’t run out of money and that’s why at the very beginning, even when you are a company of just one, the early start campaign is really helpful in thinking about how to set some of those excellent systems in place so that as your business grows, your foundation is really strong, you know where all of your pennies are, you are on top of the details.

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