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Inspiring Changemakers – a virtual hub designed to inspire and support changemakers

Posted at 6:06 PM, Sep 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-17 18:06:09-04

Project Management Institute (PMI) has launched “Make Reality,” a virtual hub designed to inspire and support changemakers. Best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi Jones shares tips for kickstarting your big idea or project, and how to draw on your own power skills, and how to create a strategy to get it done while overcoming obstacles along the way.

Luvvie says she thinks the secret to making your ideas, your dreams come true is having a great product management plan. She says, over her career these last 18 years she has done a lot of different campaigns, she has built a couple of businesses, even ran a non-profit organization at some point and what has always led to her success has been her having clear plans to execute and that’s why she is passionate about what Project Management Institute has created. She goes on to say she is the geek of getting things done.

How do we do that? Luvvie says here’s the thing about ideas, they mean nothing; you can’t trademark them, you can’t copywrite them, but you can put out into the world is what matters, what you execute is what matters. So, a lot of people, she says, get bogged down on figuring out how they get started. She says they don’t know how do you take the idea from your head to something that actually exists out in the world? Luvvie says, I think that’s why she is especially loving PMI’s make reality hub, because it is a place that will teach you how to get started. She says there are resources and quizzes and there is even a course called kick-off. It is a 45-minute course that will get you from this idea and help you create the plan, so yeah, that’s how you get started; have a tangible plan.

Once you get going, how do you overcome the roadblocks? Luvvie says there will always be something thrown in the wrench, it’s like Murphy’s Law, which is why that initial plan is necessary because if you already at least have a framework to come out of, if you have the comprehensive plan, whatever is thrown in the wrench, you just kind of go around it because you already have what your next step will be. That’s why, she says, it’s important and the devil is in the details for project management, for any ideas you have, those steps are going to be the things you are to have to take over and over again. The roadblocks will come, but you have to go around them. Luvvie says use this website to your benefit, take that kick-off course and learn more. She says one of the things we are usually afraid of is learning more, getting better at whatever the thing is that we are not good at and thinks this platform is really important because it has the resources for free.

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