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Inspired designs hoping to pave the way to healing

Posted at 5:05 PM, Jul 12, 2022

Her Sanctuary is a creative space in North Buffalo that is on a mission to help provide a retreat, a place to recharge, refresh and reflect. Stepping in with us now is Sue and Ciara Morreale from Her Sanctuary and Janice Pichette, the co-founder of World Spine Outreach to share with us a new mission.

Susan says, “We have a store on Hertel Avenue, they have a jewelry collection that we started in 2010 and it’s all about empowering women and being inspired by their strength and just kind of step into your power and spread it throughout the community. So, from that we built a collection of different women in the community that inspire us and show us how they live strong and also how they have different stories that have affected them.”

Susan says, “We met this woman, Tina Parol, she is actually from Buffalo. She is a singer/songwriter currently in Nashville and she asked in October if we would create a piece of jewelry for her that she could wear down her back which is where you have the scoliosis surgery and it’s a scar down you back and she wanted to help bring awareness to just kind of embracing who you are and just loving every part of yourself.”

Ciara says, “I think it’s cool that we had an opportunity, a lot of time people want to hide their scars and Tina wanted to celebrate that so the piece of jewelry we designed for her to wear along her scar, kind of inspired us to make this whole collection around that idea.”

Janice Pichette is a nurse and has an organization that supports scoliosis and the name of the organization is World Spine Outreach. They are a 501C3 not-for-profit organization and they travel yearly to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to perform scoliosis correction surgeries on young children that would never have the opportunity to a normal life and some cases Janice says the scoliosis actually their demise. She says, “We met up with these girls to help support our organization. It was co-founded by me and my girlfriend.” This year Janice says they had a group of 45 volunteers from all over the country, surgeons, anesthesia, nurses, scrub techs and they did 25 scoliosis surgeries on young adults.

On August 25th at 6pm they are having a launch party and Tina is coming and she is singing. She wrote a song that she launched last month called ‘I am a Fighter’. Part of the proceeds from this event goes to World Spine Outreach. Ciara says if you can’t make out to the event any purchases of pieces in the collection, ten percent will be donated to the World Spine Outreach and that is ongoing.