In the Heat, Check the Seat Campaign

William Mattar
Posted at 12:07 PM, Jun 07, 2016

Linda is joined by Megan Lederhouse, resource coordinator for William Mattar and her daughter Brea to talk about the In the Heat, Check the Seat campaign.

Many people still don't know who quickly a vehicle can heat up in the warm weather.

A car ca become an oven in just minutes.

Just because the temperature may be cooler outside of the vehicle, the temperature will become much higher and dangerous inside and could cause serious injury or death.

William Mattar has created decals that can be placed inside of vehicles to remind you always to check the back seat before exiting. 

They are sending these decals out to many daycare's and they have partnered with the New York State Police Department to help spread the awareness at local summer events including the Erie County Fair.

If you have an organization, event or daycare that would like to request decals you can go to their website www.WilliamMattar.com and find the form to place an order on the In the Heat, Check the Seat page.