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Immerse yourself in the works of Vincent Van Gogh

Posted at 4:44 PM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-03 16:44:01-04

The Beyond Van Gogh Immersive experience takes you on a journey into the works of Vincent Van Gogh literally.

Fanny Curtat, art history consultant Beyond Van Gogh says we’ve been working hard to find a middle ground between such a traditional object and a historical and cutting-edge projection technology. Multiple creators worked for months on end to bring us four trillion pixels worth of art. You feel like you are swimming in Van Gogh.

Fanny says there is something uniquely fitting with his work, and these types of tools because when we think of Van Gogh we often think also of movement, for example, we remember the twirling skies of Starry Night more than anything else. She says he actually a pretty awesome fit for these kinds of tools.

Being an art historian Fanny Curtat finds the exhibit timely and inspiring. Vincent Van Gogh knew all too well what it was to live life in lockdown. Fanny says you have somebody who indeed struggled but transcended all of that pain, hardship into a work of art, into a work of beauty just to focus on the joy and beauty of the world. She says after being cooped up inside like we were for a good part of the year and a half we’ve been going through, to have somebody who while cooped up in a cell in an asylum, was able to look through a barred window and create Starry Night, there’s something really inspiring about that. She goes on to say somebody looking at the mere simple things around him, a pair of boots, a bunch of onions on a table and seeing enough beauty and wonder in those to transcend them into works of art she thinks that really inspiring after what we have been going through.

Mel Camp says when you first walk in you get to read a little bit about Vincent Van Gogh’s life and the history of his art and there was a beautiful quote where he talks about finding the beauty in the things you see and too often we focus on the negative and he says look at the beauty of it.

Fanny says we all know of his struggles and says actually the exhibit is all about going beyond this dark myth of his to really focus on his work and the joy and the beauty because we tend to remember him only for the darkness like cutting ear incident, the struggling madness, the poverty and although all of this is true, that’s not what you see when you look at his work.

Beyond Van Gogh is here now through October 3rd at the Starry Night Pavilion located in the parking lot of the Eastern Hills Mall.

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