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Ideas for family fun

Posted at 7:02 PM, Feb 15, 2021

Lifestyle parenting expert Maureen Dennis says, we've chalked the walk, baked bread, tie dyed everything, made masks, baked Christmas cookies and have done a million puzzles, so what's left?
How are we going to continue the family fun? She says bring home the fun. We probably had a few games nights over the past few months. Maureen Dennis shows up some new games and some new takes on classic games like Monopoly. The Super Electronic Monopoly has electronic banking which is fun and makes it easy for a family with kids of different ages to play together. With that you can maybe up the ante with and maybe make the winner’s prize something like the winner gets to pick what is for dinner or, the movie that night or even get out of doing a chore, whatever works for your family.

The next tip is to bring home the adventure. Maureen Dennis says one of the fun puzzles/challenges her family does involves using their nerf blasters. Build a tower with plastic cups and in each of the cups are different clues and puzzles to have her children complete the challenge.

The third tip is laugher. Have each person write down a person, place or thing and put it in a fishbowl. Everyone selects one of the pieces of paper and they have to make what is on it. They used play doh to make what was on their paper. The things that are created are super funny she says.

Maureen says there are many things you can do with the toys you already have.

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