How To Keep Your Flowers Blooming Longer With Melinda Myers

How To Deadhead Flowers To Make The Perfect Garden
Posted at 12:08 PM, Jun 22, 2017

Keep your flowers blooming longer and your garden tidier with a bit of deadheading. 

Remove the flower stems of salvias, veronicas and similar flowers as the blooms begin to fade. Use a pruner or sharp garden scissors and cut just above the first set of leaves or above the side shoots where new flowers buds are forming. 

Plants like daylilies and balloon flower require a bit of different care. Remove the individual blooms as they fade for maximum beauty. Once all of the individual flowers have bloomed out, you can cut the flower stem back at the base. 

Keep coral bells tidy and many varieties blooming longer with a bit of deadheading. Remove the whole flower stem where it arises from the plant within the leaves.

And don't forget to cut a few flowers to enjoy indoors in a fresh-from the garden bouquet!