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How small business owners survive

Posted at 3:10 PM, Dec 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-21 15:10:04-05

Anne Kave, brand and marketing for Capital One Business says this has been a challenging time for small businesses but we know they are resilient and they are doing what they can to survive and thrive. Capital One did a survey. Anne Kave says despite an incredibly difficult environment what they are seeing in their survey results is quite remarkably a story of optimism and resilience among small businesses owners. She goes on to say 85% of small business owners are reporting that they feel confident that they will be in business six months from now and 67% of small business owners are saying they are confident that they will return to pre-pandemic business performance levels over time. Anne says despite their optimism, the majority of small business owners are saying they are increasing concerned about the rising cases of COVID and how that can impact their businesses as potential additional restrictions or shutdowns could occur. That is especially tough during this critical holiday shopping period and that’s why we need to help.

There are ways for all of us to help says Anne Kave. One, for the remainder of you holiday shopping needs choose small where you can. They have invested to make it really safe though contactless strategies, curbside pick-up, delivery, remote ordering so choose small when you can. Second, small businesses owners say one of the most important ways we can help them is to be their word of mouth marketing and by that they mean getting out and telling our friends, families and neighbors about our favorite small businesses; who they are so they can go out and support them as well. We can do that locally or you can shout it even louder through social marketing and recommend that you share these stories and names in something new called Small Unites at #Small Unites. Capital One is proud to be the founding sponsor of Small Unites. Anne Kave says this is a national advocacy movement and it really designed to rally consumers around supporting small business owners. Right now in their immediate time of need but more so for the long haul and to help evolve and care for them as we all re-emerge in the new normal.

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