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How safe do you feel living in the United States?

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jun 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-25 17:33:09-04

Rebecca Edwards, Safewise Security expert says Safewise is a website that provides tools and information to help you safer at home and in your community. One of the things they watch are crime trends and statistics. They implemented the State of Safety survey three years ago to find out how people feel about their safety. Are we stressed out or do we feel relatively safe? She says then they compare that to crime rates to see if they line up, and this year across the board, New York is highly worried about everything we asked about, whether is just general safety on a daily basis, the pandemic, gun violence, violent crime, property crime. New York was the number one most worried state out there. Rebecca says they looked at why, and the property crime is higher in New York State than the national average but, violent crime is below the national average so on some level they may be tuned into some of the crime rates that are higher but across the board most people get terrified about violent crimes and NY is doing a good job keeping it low.

In the survey, New York, in particular, is most worried about violent crime. It is one of the only state’s in the nation that had that as the top concern. People feel that is most likely to happen to them where nationwide, package theft is what people think is going to happen to them.

Take control of what you can control and some easy things you can do are lock your windows and doors and lock your car. Rebecca says the number of burglars that walk through an open door is surprising. If you want to be even more proactive about your security, she says you can add a two way talk camera like a doorbell camera where you can scare away those porch pirates, if you are scared of it, or get an early warning that someone is lurking on your porch. You can also do a full security system with monitoring where you have a third party keeping an eye that can call for help whether you are home or not is something can definitely provide peace of mind.

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