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Hospice Spring bouquet sale

Posted at 5:41 PM, Mar 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-10 17:41:16-05

It is the time of the year when Hospice has their Spring bouquet sale. There are a couple changes this year. The biggest change says Emily Carrier, Hospice foundation special events manager, is that they are extending the sale to two weeks this year. Normally it is just one week but in order to reach everyone safely and effectively they decided to extend the sale from March 1 – 13th.

There will be two weeks of deliveries to coordinators who submitted their pre-sale orders and then they have their public site sale which is also different this year. Hospice has four trucks operating and they are going to over 30 sites in Western New York. Their website will have a full schedule of where those trucks are going to be.

Hospice has the $10, ten stem bouquets which will be on the flower trucks that will be travelling to different locations for purchase. Also, they have their tribute bouquets. They are the $30, thirty stem bouquets. Emily Carrier says what is special about the tribute bouquets is that if you pre-ordered them or bought a tribute bouquet, a standard bouquet gets donated to one of their patients.

They also are having their fundraiser walk. This year it will be virtual, and it is taking place the weekend of May 15th and 16th.

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