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Hope Rises to be featured in Woman’s Day magazine

Posted at 3:11 PM, Apr 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 22:00:04-04

Hope Rises started out as a good news blog back in 2017 and has morphed into this good news platform across the world. Kate Glaser, Hope Rises network founder says, we started in Buffalo, but we realized there is so much good news across the world. She says since we started, we have raised $250,000 for different causes, organizations, individuals and families so we aren’t just telling goods stories, we are making good stories happen.

In the beginning, she says, we would seek out stories when we didn’t have a brand behind us and now that we are this viral platform, stories actually come to in us daily so we have messages come in from Buffalo, Western New York, across the world so we actually get a lot of content submitted to us now that we have such a big brand behind us.

Kate says it’s amazing to see how much Hope Rises has just sort of resonated with people; it is really so special to me because it is my passion project and something I never expected to develop into this huge viral platform, and we have been able to help so many people which is so special about it. We’ve been able to help people; it’s not just good news, we are making good news happen. We done so many give-back projects. We are working with donors and supporters and community members.

Kate says we do so many different projects; we are working with WNY Heroes, we sponsor PTSD dogs and it’s not just Western New York who helps us fundraise, we really extend across the globe. With their Instagram going viral in the Fall they have had many celebrities come on board and get behind their mission.

Kate says the most exciting thing coming up is that we are going to be featured in Woman’s Day magazine for the June/July issue. She says the editor reached out to Hope Rises and asked, ‘how can we get behind your cause, we love what you are doing.’ There will be a full feature in the magazine in the finding hope section and three of the stories shared in the article are WNY stories.

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