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Holiday tech trends

Posted at 6:58 PM, Nov 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-23 18:58:39-05

What are the biggest tech trends of 2021? Tech expert Andrea Smith says since we’ve been home for 18 months, almost two years now we are seeing that people have become creative. She says there is digital learning, virtual schooling and people have been learning things like how to play music, how to shoot and edit video and we are seeing a lot of products that speak to that trend.

Andrea says what we are seeing is that digital learning is really here to stay. Parents want to keep kids engaged and learning using programs like Osmo to help make learning fun. The Fantastic Food Truck is the newest curriculum-based title in Osmo’s Math Wizard series. She says it combines tablet-based game play with hands-on learning like teaching kids geometry and shapes through cooking. Kids ages 6-8 actually see these game pieces come to life in what Osmo calls a magical experience while building confidence in math.

For the creative person in your life, you can make their life easier by giving them a laptop backed by the Nvidia Studio program, like the HP Envy 15. Andrea says it’s a hardware and software platform that makes content creation faster and more efficient by using AI based features. She says it’s great for rendering videos and batch editing photos – helping people focus more on being creative and spend less time waiting for these things and with NVIDIA Studio you’ll know the system is capable of running all the latest creative applications.

Andrea says people always ask her what do I with all these photos on my smart phone; I don’t want to lose them? Andrea says get the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Luxxe. This is a 2-in-1 flash drive with both Lightning and USB Type-C connectors so you can access, store and seamlessly move your photos and videos between your iPhone, iPad Pro, Mac, Android phone. You don’t need an internet connection, just plug it in and it automatically starts backing up your photos and videos.

For the music lover on your list, the Casio keyboards are a great way to encourage or inspire creativity. Andrea says these are not your old-fashioned keyboards, the Casiotone models can be used with the Chordana Play app so you can see the music score, change the tempo, change the key or you can just play along as you are learning. There are three new models designed for all ages and skill levels. They’re slim and portable and they run on AC or battery, so you take them with you and make music anywhere.

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