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Holiday recipe ideas - Chef Duff Goldman’s raisin custard tart

Posted at 4:31 PM, Dec 21, 2021

Chef Duff Goldman says it’s really important, especially when you are baking with kids, you want to keep it simple and keep them engaged and make things that are delicious, and they are really going to like. One thing he loves about this recipe is that it has raisins and kids love raisins. He says we all grew up with them and it’s a snack we have, but this is nice because we are making a desert with it and we are reimaging the use of raisins, we aren’t just getting it in the lunch box we are actually using the raisins as an ingredient in this custard tart. Chef Duff Goldman says it is a deceptively simple recipe to do but is really delicious because you are getting all those flavors from the raisins that are really intensifying and it is delicious.

Chef Goldman says we can have anything we want delivered to us at any time and I think what’s really important is making sure kids understand what goes into food because things that go into food go, that’s what goes into their bodies and I think it’s really good to know how to cook. You can’t eat out all the time. He says when you go to out to a restaurant you are getting a lot of sugar, a lot of salt, you’re getting a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t be shoveling in there if you were home cooking it yourself. I think it is important for kids to know how to cook

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