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Holiday party prep tips

Posted at 6:42 PM, Nov 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-04 18:42:49-04

Tregaye Fraser, celebrity chef and tv host says her number one most important and best tip for holiday hosting is to plan, plan, plan.

regaye says for her charcuteries are all the rage, everyone is doing them, they are at every holiday event but you can’t have an amazing charcuterie without Wisconsin cheese. Wisconsin is the state of cheese and they win more awards for cheese than anywhere else in the world. She says fifty percent of specialty cheese made in the U.S. comes from Wisconsin.

Pomegranate is Tregaye’s favorite winter fruit, so she teamed up with Pom Pomegranate to create things like a chili maple hot toddy and buttermilk squash with ginger pickle pomegranate. Pom Pomegranate fresh arils adds a delicious, brilliant pop ruby red pop of color and sweet burst of flavor from any dish straight from fresh pomegranate.

When you are doing holiday shopping for food you want to go to a one stop shop and that is Whole Foods. She says they are known for quality and assortment, making it the destination for all your holiday needs.

Tregaye also recommends Lundberg Family Farms for side dishes. It compliments every course. She says they have over 20 varieties and blends with the best organic ingredients.

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