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Holiday entertaining with a flair

Posted at 5:12 PM, Nov 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-12 17:12:48-05

We are always looking for new ways to enjoy the holidays and today we’ve got the perfect person to help with your entertaining and party prep. Parker Wallace is the author of the best-selling cookbook “Eat Rich, Stay Skinny: A Girl’s Guide to Holiday Feasting. She’s here to share ideas for holiday entertaining with a flair.

Parker says cheese is one of the main ingredients in that cookbook full of delicious recipes. She is all about getting that party started with Wisconsin cheese. Wisconsin wins more awards for cheese than anywhere else in the world. When you are looking for your Wisconsin cheese make sure to look for proven winner cheese wedge.

Parker says she is all about bringing flavor and flair together with America’s favorite semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine, Stella Rosa Italian wine. Right now, her go-to is the Stella Rosa Asti. She says it’s bubbly from their fully sparkling wine. It’s light bodied, with notes of peach, and pear and honeysuckle. It is gluten free and made with real fruit flavors and it makes a great hostess gift too.

Everyone is usually in a rush around the holidays so why not pick up a holiday bucket from KFC. All you have to do is go to or on your KFC app to run in, grab your order and they have a quick pick-up service.

You can also personalize your party with a customized apron and oven mitts from Parker says it is an entire marketplace of talented independent artists around the globe so you can have unique customizable, premium gifts for everyone on your holiday list.

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