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Hit the road in an RV

Posted at 4:10 PM, Apr 29, 2021

Local camping spots are set to reopen in the next several weeks and if you are not ready to buy that RV, you can rent. RV, the largest peer to peer RV rental marketplace has over 200 travel trailers and RV’s in the area. Jon Gray, CEO of RV Share says if you are new to RV’ing it is really fun. People love RV’ing, the satisfaction rate is really high, and it really puts you out in places you just can’t get with other forms of travel which is really great and helps you reconnect with nature.

As for the Droesch family, they plan to rent a small RV and take a road trip to North Carolina. Liza Droesch says with everything going on, they just want to get back outdoors.

Colleen Botello from HiWay Campers says you can go to an elaborate campground, you can go to a small mom and pop campground or you can go to a State park. There are all different ways to go.

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