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Posted at 3:16 PM, Mar 29, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-29 15:16:14-04

Beauty comes with a hefty price tag. On average, an American will spend tens of thousands of dollars on beauty and skincare products in their lifetime. Research also shows a correlation between the pandemic and the boom in skincare as self-care.

From smart mirrors to skincare apps, micro-needling tools and at-home LED light therapy devices, Sarah Eggenberger, beauty editor tries and tests products daily as a beauty editor. You want to make good decisions when it comes to investing in our beauty regime.

Sarah says when it comes to make-up it is a cluttered market, so we are going to help you clear through all that clutter to find the best advice for your skin.

When it comes to LED light therapy, Sarah says, we have seen incredible advancements in this area. She says when it comes to LED therapy there are ways to clear through the clutter.

Number one is look for good quality. Sarah says there is a direct correlation between good, quality, efficacy, results and often price point because this is a higher price point too it but lasts for years and it’s not like a skincare product you have to refill. She says the other thing that when it comes to LED light therapy, this is where you want to look at the nanometers. She says when it comes to nanometers there are different wavelengths that are going to enter the skin to see the results.

The blue light is the one that is going to help to get rid of breakouts and acne and with blue light you are going to want to get in the 400 nanometer range. When it comes to the red light, she says we want that to rejuvenate the skin and you want that around the 630 nanometer and then go all the way to infrared, which the lowest of the low when it comes to really restoring the skin because we want to get the collagen, the elastin levels of the skin and that’s where you are going to see the best results.

Sarah says safety first. Look for the FDA clearance or application FDA clearance and eye safety such as built in goggles.

When it comes to LED light therapy Sarah says there are different ways you can use it. One is with the Lustre clear skin solo, which is going to be more of your spot treatment. Sarah says it’s very easy to use and FDA cleared, and it is going to kill the bacteria and she also loves it because it uses the natural process of the skin, so you’re not going to have dryness, irritation or scabbing as you sometimes see with any type of topical.

Sarah say if you are looking for full-face revitalization, that’s when you want to go more into the renew mask and that’s when you are going to see overall the difference in the skin because it contains all three lights; the infrared light, the red and the blue light. She says you are really going to see your skin be energized, revitalized and she loves it because it’s convenient as it’s hands-free, wireless and easy to use.

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