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Healthy home inspirations

Posted at 3:12 PM, Mar 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-30 15:12:41-04

What constitutes a healthy home? TV personality and licensed contractor Skip Bedel says for me it really means being on top of the things that we can really be in control of, you know maintaining air quality and water quality because those are two elements that we are surrounded by all the time.

Outdoor allergy season is coming up right now so it’s a really good time to change out your HVAC filter. That will give you a good start to filtering out some of the particulates in the air. Skip says Filtrete is the number one filter name in home filtration products so simply swap out filter; it is an easy thing to do. He says now they make it even easier. Filtrete has these smart room purifiers. They come in two different sizes and it’s so easy, you just plug them in. He says you can put them in any room in the house or every room in the house. They are fully automated and Skip says they scan the air with a laser and senses any particulates or contaminants in the air and they filter it out, they automatically ramp up the fan speed and they filter it out through a true HEPA filter. Skip says it works with your smart phone and it makes it super easy to have clean and good quality air in the home. For more information go to

In addition to that you want to make sure you are filtering the water in your home; it’s so important. Skip says everybody knows to drink bottled water or filter the water that you drink, but most people don’t know that it is important to filter all the water, because all of the harmful contaminants, things like lead and mercury, all the things we hear about in the news all the time that are in the water. He says we also absorb through our skin, and we inhale the steam vapors when we shower or bathe, that’s why you need a filter that filters out all the water. Skip has the whole home water filter by King Water Filtration. He says the product is amazing because there is not maintenance, no filters to ever change, no salt to add, like a lot of machines you have to add salt all the time. He says it comes with a ten-year warranty, but the best part is it gives you perfectly alkaline spring-like water from every faucet in your home, not just the one you drink form.

Skip shares that it is an easy install, you just set it up in your basement or your garage where your main water valve is and that means all the water has to pass through this first before it goes through your house, so you know your family is safe from contaminants no matter where they get the water from. For more information go to

For more information go to