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Harnessing our own intuition

Posted at 5:04 PM, Jan 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-12 17:04:29-05

Best -selling author Laura Day, says when dramatic things happen like COVID; when our lives and our routine are in shambles, what also happens simultaneously, is that those patterns that kept an old reality in place are shaken up. The unsatisfying job, your unsatisfying marriage, the way you neglect your health; that is all part of your patterning also. Laura Days say the gift of crisis is to really focus on ‘okay where are the opportunities.’

Day says it really does take discipline and it doesn’t take belief; if something takes belief it is often not useful which is why positive thinking doesn’t work very well. What the discipline is – is to simply move forward because we tend to use pain as a destination and sink into it instead of taking even small actions to look out what is better. She says to empower realistic thinking. It is what creates change and creates opportunity in crisis. What you need for that, is to allow an awareness, which you have to find some empowered place in you. Allow an awareness that yes there is some real problems now. Have a goal and the goal initially may just be to feel better because when you are down it is hard to find any goal. Do something tiny everyday to work toward that goal.
Pain, anxiety, rage even denial, which is a coping mechanism, are all passages and they aren’t supposed to be destinations. Also, she says, create a community where you have support.

Laura Day says she does a lot of free workshops on social media about two or three times a week. She says please join us even if you don’t think you are intuitive, you’ll see evidence of how detailed your intuition can be and how it can help guide you to your next good place.

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