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Go electric with the luxury car Mercedes Benz EQS 580

Posted at 5:24 PM, Apr 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-12 08:50:34-04

Mel is at Mercedes Benz of Buffalo and she loves the new electric car the EQS 580. She says this car has everything you want and some extras you didn’t know you wanted until you saw them on this vehicle.

Mel says everything about this car is stunning. She says it has a hyper screen and this is where you know you are in a car of the future, a real electric vehicle. It’s an entire screen with really good visuals and ethe passenger has their own screen that they can control. Another feature on the screen is the music. If you are driving with your family and can’t agree what station to listen too, no worries because everyone can pick their own station and they can sync it up to their own Bluetooth. Another luxury feature this car has is a massage option.

What an exciting time for cars as we make this transition from gas to electric. Jim, a salesperson at Mercedes Benz Buffalo, says the EQS is the first of next generation of electric vehicles from Mercedes Benz. He says between the technology and the range of the new EV’s, you just can’t beat it.

When asked what he likes most about the EQS he says the hyper screen inside the vehicle; it gives the passenger their own screen to control things such as radio stations, navigation settings, anything you can think of really.

Melanie asked Jim, if he finds that there is a little hesitation when it comes to moving into an electronic vehicle (EV) for someone because they worry that the infrastructure isn’t there? He says it has been a concern in the past, but the reality is that we are moving in that direction and more and more cars are being installed every day.

Jim says a really cool feature of the EQS is that a navigation system is integrated with charging stations meaning if you put a destination in and the car knows it will have to be charged at a certain time, it will tell you where that charging station will be and brings you right to that charging station. Jim says they already have six chargers at the dealer right now and another cool fact about the EQS is that it comes with two years of free charging.

What are the specs of the EQS? Jim says the EQS 580 is equipped with 516 horsepower, it is all wheel drive which is very important especially here in Buffalo and about 350 miles of range for charge which is a significant increase from the previous generation of EV’s.

For more information go to mercedesbenzbuffalo.comor give them a call at 716-265-4953.

You can also stop in. They are located at 8185 Main Street in Williamsville.