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Gifts everyone wants

Posted at 6:49 PM, Dec 20, 2021

Heather Thomson, fashion designer, stylist and former Real Housewife of New York City reveals her top picks for gifts everyone’s wants.

How about the gift of a new iPhone 13. Heather says we all know that smart phones continue to top everyone’s wish list and so does T-Mobile, and they wanted to bring down that number of how much it costs so right now T-Mobile is offering a huge deal to both existing customers and those who may want to switch. Right now, new and existing customers can trade in an eligible device on Magenta Max which is T-Mobile’s most popular plan and you can get an iPhone for zero dollars and you just pay the sales tax.

Next up is a favorite for Heather. It is at and it is the Echo Dot Kid. It is in kid-friendly designs. This is Amazons popular voice controlled smart speaker by Alexa but it is made for kids, and parents can have piece of mind as kids voice control their own world. Heather says it is very easy to set parental controls, you can manage their time limits, and you can review their activities. Alexa will automatically filter songs, block shopping and it gives kid-friendly responses, so it is a perfect gift for any kid.

Facebook and Ray Ban got together and created Ray Ban Story. You can literally take photos and video, hands -free right from your glasses. Heather says all you have to say is hey Facebook take a video or you can tap it. You can listen to music, take calls, turn up the volume and most importantly, she says, stay emersed in the moment, stay in your environment instead of digging into your bag or your pockets for your phone. It is going to capture it right from your glasses.

Lastly, how about giving the gift of something we all can look forward to, something where we can build memories that will last a lifetime and Heather says her family go to is Legoland resorts. She says it is a multi-day experience, but it is also multi-generational. She says their theme parks and their theme hotels are all right on the same property, so they are just steps away from each other. There are Lego experiences as far as the eye can see from water rides to rollercoasters to interactive rides.

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