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Getting yourself on track The Diet Center way

Posted at 5:27 PM, Oct 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-09 17:27:39-04

One of the biggest challenges to weight loss is keeping the weight off once you have lost it and The Diet Center has had success with so many Western New Yorkers. Today Mel Camp talks with Mary Ann who had success and shares her journey with us.

Mary Ann says was in a bad place. She was overweight and couldn’t do a lot of things. She didn’t have a lot of energy and she wasn’t happy. Mary Ann says when she heard about The Diet Center she thought she would give it a try. She was on diets most of her life, losing weight and gaining it back and you gain more. She says The Diet Center plan worked for her. They worked with her and everyone gets personal coaching and they give you a plan that works for you.

Owner Sheri Zillioux says they are going to motivate you, educate you and keep you on track. She says if we could do it ourselves, we’d be there already. Also, when you reach your goal weight, they are going to continue to work with you to keep that weight off. Sheri says that’s the hardest part, keeping it off.

Mary Ann says when you’ve lost your weight and have gotten to that point, they aren’t going to desert you. You continue on for the full year or however, long it takes you. She says that was important to her because she didn’t want to feel like she lost all her weight and now I’m floating in the wind. Mary Ann said she lost 48.6 pounds and she still goes and weighs in every week. She says the coaching staff is amazing. Now she just needs to work with the maintenance, and she loves that part of it because it is a year or more. She says most places when you lose your weight, you’re done and don’t get to talk to anyone anymore. MaryAnn says without them she doesn’t think she could have done it. She says she can’t do it on her own; she has tried it many times. At The Diet Center they kept her accountable.

Sheri says you just have to do it. You just need to get started. She says she’s not saying it’s going to be easy, but she says it will be worth it. Don’t put it off; take it off The Diet Center Way.

The Diet Center has two WNY locations. They are located in Amherst and Lockport.


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