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Getting your pet ready for the 4th of July

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jun 30, 2020

With the 4th of July coming, we are already getting ready and hearing fireworks at night. Local veterinarian Dr. Stephanie Wolf has some great tips to keep your pet safe and happy.

1. Don’t take your pet to a fireworks display. They can act unpredictably during times of stress.

2. Don’t feed your pet with food off the grill. It’s amazing how quickly a hamburger or hotdog is swallowed and then the upset stomach starts.

3. Don’t keep your pet anywhere close where they can get into trouble, like alcoholic beverages, desserts, salads, etc.

4. Don’t keep them close to flammables, any sort of lighter fluid, matches, charcoal; anything that can get them seriously hurt.

5. Don’t ever shoot off fireworks around your pet

6. Don’t keep them in areas where they are unattended. Little things can go wrong at a drop of a hat.

7. If you are going to use sunscreen, make sure it is a pet safe one.

8. Also don’t dress your pet for the occasion. Although it is cute, tiaras can become intestinal blockages quicker than you think.

9. Do make sure you have all your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date and all the paperwork, certificates and current medications, just incase you need them in a pinch.

10. Always keep fresh water available for your pet whether that be indoors or outdoors. In the hot summer temperatures, they can become dehydrated very easily.

11. Make sure your pet is micro-chipped. It is so easy to get separated from your pet in the commotion of a holiday celebration.

12. Keep a safe room for them. Make sure it’s an area where they can go if they feel uncomfortable, play pleasant music, have dim lighting and spend some time with them. They may not want to spend the holiday quite the way would like to.

13. If they are unduly anxious at this time of year and really suffer under fireworks, thunderstorms, and all the general hoopla that makes celebrations fun for humans, talk to your veterinarian about your options.

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