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Get started on your weight loss Journey at The Ideal You Weight Loss Center

Posted at 3:56 PM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 15:56:48-04

Linda is at The Ideal You Weight Loss Center’s West Seneca location. Linda says one of the best things people can do from being successful on The Ideal You high protein diet is that they are getting off medication. Linda asks owner Donna Herberger when people come in what does she measure and look for on a clients journey to weight loss. Donna says when they come in initially, they use an old fashion tape measure and measure over their clothes, and we encourage them to wear the same type of clothes every time. The next thing they do is put them on a computerized scale that measures their fat content, how much muscle they have, what their bones weigh, tells them their BMI, BRM and visceral the fat which is the inside fat that is wrapped around their organs. You want that number 12 or less.

When do you know you are Ideal? Donna Herberger says you’ll know when you get there and when you get there you’ll know. She goes on to say lots of times they will look at a BMI chart, and also their special scale will tell them their ideal weight should be, but maybe they don’t need to get to that weight because they are carrying a lot of muscle and you are going to weigh more.

They also have a maintenance plan at no extra charge. Once you get to maintenance you are not eating their foods anymore and they help you phase off, making healthy meals along the way. On their program even in the first phase you get to make your own dinner so it’s not diet food at every meal but their food is delicious so you won’t feel deprived. When you reach the maintenance level, no more Ideal protein food; your making healthy foods and The Ideal You Weight Loss Center is going to make sure you keep that weight off.

At The Ideal You Weight Loss Center women usually lose 2-4 pounds per week and men 2-5 pounds per week and they has helped over 6,000 Western New Yorker’s lose over 260,000 pounds

The Ideal You Weight Loss Center has locations in Clarence, West Seneca and Tonawanda

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