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Get a new bathroom in one day

Posted at 5:57 PM, May 03, 2021

Imagine a new bathtub or shower in as little as one day. It may sound hard to believe but Bath Fitter of Buffalo can make it happen.

Rachael Burbules, director of marketing and community outreach for Bath Fitter says Bath Fitter itself is a bathroom remodeling company that focuses in the tub and shower area. She says they are so popular because the choice is so easy for the customer. When you call Bath Fitter, they will come for a free in-house consultation, so the customer doesn’t even have to leave their home.

Once they come to the customer’s home, they measure their entire area and the customer gets to design exactly what they want to do with their bathroom.

During the installation the installers will arrive between 7 and 8am and your brand-new bathroom is done by 4pm in the afternoon and you can utilize it the next day. Burbules says there is no smell or disruption of your home so you can have a brand-new bathroom done in one day and there is nothing the customer has to worry about.

Bath Fitter specializes in custom fitting your exact space. Burbules says they have a tool online at and it allows customers to pick and choose options they want for their specific bathroom.

She also says from the first day of installation for the remainder of the time the person lives in their home there is a lifetime warranty to it. If you move, you can transfer the warranty to the new homeowner.

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