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Fun in the sun – kayaking and longboarding

Posted at 5:45 PM, Jul 13, 2022

Emily was at Wilkeson Pointe and picked up some tips for kayaking and longboarding.

She spoke with Drew from Longboards Paddle Co who says the first thing he says to people when they come to rent, is have you ever kayaked or paddleboard before and if they haven’t, he will run them through a series of tips and tricks.

For kayaking the most important thing is holding the paddle shoulder with apart. When you are on the water, he says it is a back-and-forth motion and if you want to go to the left you paddle on the right and if you want to go to the right you paddle on the left. Drew says it is very easy to pick up and it is very relaxing and a lot of people love it.

Drew says being comfortable on the paddle board is the best thing he can offer. Even if you are on your knees, lying down, whatever you are comfortable with. You don’t have to stand if you don’t feel comfortable.

A safety tip is wearing a life jacket with a whistle that you can use to alert the coast guard for any emergency. Drew says he also gives safety tips on how to get back on if you fall in the water. Their kayaks are ocean grade and if you fall in which is highly unlikely, he gives tips on how to get back in the kayak. He will do the same for the paddleboards.