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Foods for better health

Posted at 4:17 PM, Apr 14, 2021

As a registered dietician Kelly Springer always wants to make food fun. This time of year, and this whole past year we have been talking about immunity. Kelly says it is the number one topic and she wants to tell us about some foods that can help boost up our immunity and keep us healthy.

The first one is Lifeway Kefir and the reason she is talking about it is Lifeway Kefir has 12 live and active cultures. She says what this means is that it is going to help that diversity of your gut bile and also keeping it healthier. Why this is important is because 70% of our immunity is in our digestive track. We are getting live probiotics from products like Lifeway Kefir it going to help keep that gut bacteria healthier.

Kelly says we truly have the power to truly make ourselves healthier. She says Lifeway Kefir has a great protein source and it has all nine of your essential amino acids which also helps our digestive track stay healthy and boost our immunity plus it has vitamin D. She says there has been a lot of talk about vitamin D during this past year and COVID and Lifeway Kefir has vitamin D which is crucial for our immunity as well.

We have color from peppers, oranges, and apples and they all have vitamin C which is important for our immunity plus fiber. Kelly says these are prebiotics which come from the fiber sources which feed the probiotics. She says you can see how the combination of fruits and vegetables and getting in our live cultures will truly help to boost your immunity.

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