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Food Truck Friday – Lukas’s Latin Kitchen

Posted at 3:42 PM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 15:42:37-04

It is Food Truck Friday and joining us today is Lukas Alvira from Lukas’s Latin Kitchen. Today he brought, yellow rice and beans with steak, yellow rice and beans with roast pork, and Pastelillos, (beef and cheese and chicken and cheese) and plantain chips.

Lukas started out working at Niagara Café about 14 years ago as a cook. He says, “I wanted to do something on my own and this food truck was Niagara Café’s food truck a couple of years ago and I asked them ‘hey what are you going to do with it and he was like oh you know what, we are just going to have the restaurant because it was COVID at the time so I was like can I buy it off you and he was hesitant at first, because he was like it’s not a business not to get into but he changed his mind and sold it to me and now we are running.”

At first, he says it was a lot to take in, it was very hard at first but with people surrounding him like his father, his uncle, fiancée and family who told him he could do it, just put your mind to it, you got it.