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Fitness Friday – Working your pectorals

Posted at 6:31 PM, Aug 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-06 18:31:41-04

Robbie Raugh, RN and fitness and wellness expert is showing us ways to work our pectorals or your chest muscles. She says you can’t work them standing up with free weights, you need to lay down and laying down on the floor doesn’t give you full range of motion. So, you need to lay on a bench or a ball or whatever you have in your house. Lay down on your back and make sure your head is on the apparatus. Bring the weight at chest level and then bring the weight up and then take it down but you don’t want to have the weight over your face. Robbie says you want to do twelve to fifteen reps or to the point of fatigue or failure. Another way to work the pectorals are palms in. She says you don’t want the weight to drop below shoulder level because that would be a lot of stress on the shoulder joint. Pause in the contraction and release. Once again, she says, you want to do twelve to fifteen reps and you do them three times. Robbie says don’t forget to work the opposing muscle group which is the back.

To go to Robbie Raugh’s website click here.