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Fitness Friday – Understanding Macronutrients

Posted at 4:23 PM, Jul 23, 2021

What are macros or macronutrients? Robbie Raugh, RN and fitness and wellness expert says she uses macros when she is helping her clients lose weight, increase their energy level, get in shape, and one size does not fit all. Macros or macronutrients in general are your fats, carbohydrates and protein. She says those are what we use for energy and also to fuel and feed our body so it’s important to know what they are. For protein we generally think of animal products, but Robbie says there is protein in almost everything we eat so make sure you look at the label when you are looking for protein. She says we need protein and fiber in our diet to keep our metabolism humming so protein and fiber in every meal makes losing weight no big deal. Robbie shows us examples of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Some crossover and have more than one like salmon which is a good source of protein but is also a fat. The same goes for nuts. So, she says, a lot of the foods out there, kind of crossover in terms of the three macros but when recommending macros to her patients she will start off with 50% carbohydrates, 25% protein and 25% fat. That is a kind of standard and then if your energy level output is up like from cycling a lot or working out a lot then she increases those carbohydrates and if you are sedentary then she decreases those carbohydrates. If you want to lose fat on your body, she says it makes perfect sense to cut down on the amount of fat you put in your body but, make sure you have fats, carbohydrates and protein in your diet.

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