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Fitness Friday – Stuffed Holiday Squash Time

Posted at 5:16 PM, Nov 12, 2021

Robbie Raugh, fitness and wellness expert says if you want to be healthy you have to eat healthy and it helps you to be fit as well.

Today, Robbie has a stuffed holiday squash, and says it is super easy to make. You can use acorn squash or butternut squash and put it in the oven whole. She says some people cut it in half and either way will work. Robbie cooks it for 45 minutes to an hour at 350 - 400 degrees. She also makes some quinoa ahead of time. Quinoa is a gluten free grain that you can use, and it is nutrient dense and has six grams of protein. She also makes some vegetables. Robbie says she will stir fry some vegetables, so peppers, garlic, onions, mushrooms but you can use almost anything and then you mix the quinoa with the vegetables and some chick peas and stuff it into the squash and add some cranberries to make it look really festive. Robbie says, slice it and everyone gets some on their plate and it a wonderful thing for the holidays and it looks wonderful on the table and it tastes amazing.

For more information visit Robbie Raugh’s website