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Fitness Friday – Red white and blue salad and burgers

Posted at 7:38 PM, May 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-27 19:38:23-04

Fitness Friday – Red white and blue salad and burgers

Robbie Raugh, RN, nutritionist and fitness and wellness says, “The summer holidays, red, white and blue right.  Well, we want some nutritious and delicious food and since you need to eat or drink your salad every day, I want to show you a red, white and blue salad and a couple of other things that will help you with holiday summer picnic.” 

This salad is one of Robbie’s favorites. It is the cucumber, blueberry, feta cheese and you can add the red with either tomatoes or chopped up watermelon. She says, “all I did was chop up some cucumbers, put some blueberries in which are high in antioxidants, wonderful to help fight free radicals, good for anti-aging and boost your immune system and then I added a little bit of feta cheese, some parsley, some scallions, and of course the tomatoes or the watermelon if you want for the red part and just a balsamic vinaigrette on it and you can add some salt and pepper and oregano and you are good to go on that.”

Robbie says if you want grill outside, make sure you don’t burn anything because that’s not good for you. In front of her are turkey spinach burgers so if you don’t want to eat the beef, she says you can eat turkey and it is a little healthier for you and has a lot less fat.

Also, she says it is all about the buns, so what kind of buns are you going to have? Robbie says “the buns that are going to fuel and feed your body and that is Ezekiel sprouted grain buns. These are high in protein, high in fiber and Robbie says they are equal to eating an egg in terms of protein and what she loves about them is that they are flourless, so they aren’t going to flip on that metabolic switch which signals your body to store fat particularly in the mid-section.”

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