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Fitness Friday – New research on the benefits of sleep and exercise

Posted at 5:02 PM, Nov 05, 2021

Robbie Raugh, fitness and wellness expert says if you have insomnia pay attention. The new research from The Sleep Foundation says that there are a lot of benefits to exercising either in the day or at night. The research also says that if you are working out at night you want to do some moderate exercise, not vigorous. Robbie says the research shows that when you exercise you will fall asleep thirteen minutes faster than people that don’t exercise. The research also shows that you will stay asleep eighteen minutes longer than people who don’t exercise. Robbie says reiterates that you don’t want to do vigorous exercise at night, you can do it in the morning but not at night if you are trying to really fall asleep. She says make sure you are doing some type of exercise to get all those benefits of exercise and also improve your sleep.

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