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Fish Fry Friday – The Polish Villa II food truck

Posted at 5:26 PM, Apr 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 17:26:09-04

The Polish Villa II food truck came to visit us, and Emily is going to try one of their delicious fish fry’s.

Edward K. Kutas, co-owner, Polish Villa II says it is their 8th season. He says we do fish fry’s but we do a lot more; we are a food truck that is actually a kitchen on wheels.

They cook their fish fry in beer batter, but Ed says we cook it only in canola oil. One of his tips if you are making it at home is that they put potato starch in their batter to give it texture and crispiness.

Ed says the sides we offer with our fish fry are tradition like it used to be on the East Side, and it is potato salad, noodle salad, coleslaw rye bread and butter and fresh cut French fries.

Make sure to check out their website to see there they are going to be.