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Fish Fry Friday – Squire’s Tap Room

Posted at 5:45 PM, Feb 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-26 17:45:56-05

Tucked into a small cul-de-sac off of Niagara Street sits Squire’s Tap Room. It’s not very big but it has a pretty sizable reputation when it comes to a fish fry. Squire’s was founded in 1995 by Rick and Lisa Neuhaus. He says after 25 years they’ve got the fish fry down pretty pat.

While they have fish fry’s all year on Thursday’s Friday’s and Saturday’s, they throw in Wednesday’s during lent and in the weeks leading up to Easter, Rick estimates they serve up to 200 pounds of fish in a good week.

When asked how they are different from other fish fry’s, Neuhaus says their fish is skinless and boneless and a lot of places don’t serve skinless haddock and they have a very consistent product.

What’s their secret? Erich Neshaus says they do a good job; it’s like a science now. He says fish fry’s are busy during lent in Buffalo. What places are going to have, and can handle that. He goes on to say we’ve proven over and over again that we have been able to. Also, the staff also sets us apart.

So, the secret ingredient to Squire’s success is their staff and the dedicated customers who keeping back for more. Nothing proved that more than 2020. While it marked their silver anniversary, the pandemic almost took them down. Erich Neshaus says he would drive by the restaurant and not see cars and he knew what that meant. In an attempt to save his parents restaurant, Erich reached out to The Barstool Fund, a charity that raises money and helps small businesses stay afloat. In order to be considered for financial assistance, Squire’s had to prove their successful tract record, and that they kept most of their employees on payroll during the pandemic, which they did. Not only did they get the funding, but also a huge swell of support from customers. Erich Neshaus say to see their response and have them come back is awesome, we wouldn’t have been there without them.

Squire’s Tap Room is located at 127 Niagara Street in Tonawanda


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