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First Annual Pilgrim Family Fest

Posted at 5:19 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 17:19:46-04

This weekend The Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church invite us all to a community celebration, the first annual Pilgrim Family Fest at Wilkeson Pointe, Outer Harbor. And, for Reverend Frank Bostic, having everyone come together in this way is deeply personal. He says last year his mother passed on April 6, 2020 and he knows how he felt then and he was wondering how feel many other people feel the way they feel when we couldn’t go to families, who couldn’t attend ongoing celebrations, we could not gather for the holidays for almost a year and a half. He says what can we do for the City of Buffalo, for our community, that was big? And Pilgrim Fest was born. The two-day event is happening this weekend at the Buffalo Outer Harbor…with live music from Glenn Jones, Tailor-made jazz and more including Rev Bostic.

Rev. Bostic says this event is for the family to come out to sit on the lawn, bring your lawn chairs and umbrella for rain and too much sun to just come out and enjoy the time listening to music. There will be food trucks and vendors where you can buy things.

Pastor Timothy Brown is President of the Baptist Minister Conference of Buffalo and Vicinity he says the event is important for the city. He says the fact that we have had so much gun violence in our city, we need an event that is going to stir up the hope of the people, it’s going to bring us some unity and fellowship together and this festival that the Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church put together, he believes is going to heal some wounds in our community and it is also going to give us an opportunity to be in a place where we can come together again after this paramount pandemic that we have experienced.

Rev. Bostic says the event is free. All they want is for the people of Buffalo to come, to show up, we want to put back into the community just to say look, we’re thinking about you, this church is thinking about you, this city is thinking about you. Let’s come out and enjoy ourselves.

Celebrations start at 11:00am continuing through to 9:00pm. You can register for your free ticket and wristband online at