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Finding “me-time” mom to mom

Posted at 6:28 PM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 18:28:26-05

When do you have time for yourself during the pandemic? Lifestyle expert Maureen Dennis says we hear a lot about “me-time” and the bar is so low right now that might just mean taking a shower or going to the bathroom without a parade of children and pets following you.

Think about your mom friends and show them a little love. It can be as simple as sending support… a text message, phone call or Zoom call. It makes someone feel special that you were thinking of them in that moment.

Surprise and delight is something Maureen Dennis says she lives by for most of her life. It is those little things you can do to show someone you care and that you actually know something about them. It can be a funny gag gift, or a mimosa kit that you can drive by and put on their doorstep. You can get creative with those who live farther away. One of the things she thinks is simple and you can do some good is send your friends some girl scout cookies. They are selling them online this year and you can have them delivered.

Face to Face – Carve out time to spend with another mom. It could be just going for a walk, a hike or whatever you like to do such as a craft. Dennis says she knows it will be hard to do but it will be worth it and she highly recommends it.
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