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Fall pampering tips with Grace Gold

Posted at 4:22 PM, Sep 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 16:22:25-04

Grace Gold, beauty and lifestyle expert says just like we switch out summer sandals for the Fall boots, we want to update those beauty and wellness routines for the colder weather, and we want to give our bodies some extra TLC so we stay healthy this season.

Cold and flu season is coming, and we can’t always prevent ourselves from getting sick but, we want to take those steps to try and stay healthy this season and it is important to be prepared.

Grace recommends Mucinex Fast Max cold and flu all in one day and night caplets and says it starts to give you multi-symptom relief in a single dose and helps to relieve those pesty day and night symptoms. She says just one dose treats nine symptoms, so it is easy to power through and get to what is important. Be sure to use as directed.

This is a great time to add a hair mask to your routine. Grace says you need that hydration for your hair. She says a really great one to consider is the new Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Hydro Boost Deep Treatment Hair Mask with hyaluronic acid. This is a first of hydration for drying damaged hair to keep those strands healthy, hydrated, and shiny. Grace says she also likes this in place of conditioner on those days when you need some extra hydration.

A part of your body that contributes to the wellness of mind, body and spirit is your gut. Grace says did you know that 62% of Americans believe using a prebiotic fiber supplement can help your overall gut health but only 20% of us have done so in the past year. She says an easy way to do it is Benefiber’s original prebiotic fiber supplement. Grace shares that it contains a plant-based prebiotic fiber, helps nourish the growth of good bacteria that exists naturally in your gut and it’s clear and taste free powder that is available in bottles or convenient on-the-go stick packs making it easy to put into your favorite non-carbonated beverage or recipe. Grace says she likes to put it in her oatmeal.

With our changing work and school schedules, we can’t forget about sleep. It is so important to help our bodies restore itself and if you need a little help, Grace loves the melatonin free SleepCalm by Boiron. It is the pure way to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is available in children and adult formulas. Grace says it is a homeopathic sleep medicine that works by calming occasional sleeplessness and restless sleep without the synthetic hormone melatonin helping you restore a natural sleep pattern without feeling groggy the next day. It is non-habit forming and won’t interact with medications you may be on.

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