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Fall Must Haves from Lifestyle Expert Limor Suss

Posted at 5:22 PM, Oct 09, 2020

Get ready to fall in love with these seasonal treats. Lifestyle expert Limor Suss joins us for some virtual window shopping. Limor says she likes to light candles in her house that smell like Fall. You are going to love the EZ Reach lighter. It is perfect for all your Fall lighting occasions. A new design features an extended wand at the top of the lighter, so it helps keep the flame away from your fingers. They come in cool colors and designs.

What would Fall be without pumpkin spice and apple cider with some really good creamers to go on top. This Fall we are bringing the coffee shop experience home. Reddi-wip has a Barista Series that is divine. For lattes try the Reddi wip Barista Series Sweet Foam made with nonfat milk and cream. It’s like a coffee shop in your home. You can find it in the dairy section of your grocery store.

For people who don’t like dairy or can’t have dairy Planet Oat has a delicious frozen non-dairy dessert. It comes in six flavors and is made using the Planet Oat Oatmeal. It has a rich creamy texture and deliciously indulgent flavor. It is a great non-dairy option. You can find it in the freezer section of your local grocery store.

Halloween is not the healthiest holiday with all the candy and snacks but Limor has some healthier options you can hand out for Halloween. The first one is the limited-edition Halloween GoGo SQUEEZ pouches. It is a healthy candy alternative. The pouches feature favorite characters dressed up for the holidays. All of the GoGo SQUEEZ products are actually made from 100% fruit and vegetables. There is no sugar added; nothing artificial and it is dairy and gluten free. The second one is from Made Good. It is their limited edition 30 pack Halloween chocolate chip granola mini bars. The teal boxes are exclusive to Target and the orange boxes you can find in supermarkets and Amazon. They are also gluten free, organic, non GMO and with every purchase a percentage of the sales will go to support Children’s Miracle Network. It’s a healthier snack and a way to give back.

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