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Exploring The Park School

Posted at 3:46 PM, Mar 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-16 15:46:23-04

The Park School in Buffalo is the only K-12 and Montessori, co-ed independent school in Western New York. They are located on 34 acres and they have 9 buildings including their beautiful new science building which is only 2 years old. They have upper school, middle school, lower school, and early education. Lisa Conrad, head of school says even though they have those separate divisions, they have a community of people, students, faculty, staff who work together on different projects. She says they are big on collaboration. Their teachers collaborate with one another to find how they can incorporate their own theme in studies with another teacher, so the child is getting as much out of something as possible.

What is the best part of having your child have this education? Conrad says she would say people, including herself, are so happy to be able to send their child to an institution like The Park School, that is diverse, that really prepares kids to be long-learners. She says they are not preparing kids to memorize things for a test, they are teaching them real life situations, how to solve them and they are encouraging them to be thinkers, speakers, to talk in their classrooms and not be afraid to ask questions, to not be afraid to interact with adults. Also, to have respect, kindness, honesty, responsibility and show that every single day they live their life.

Conrad says anytime she has give someone a tour and you see kids as young as three years old having to leave their building to go to another place to have their special. People say it’s like a real college, it’s like a campus and it is. This is The Park School 34-acre campus. Every day regardless if it is rainy, snowy, sunny, you have to be prepared to go outside. You are not stagnant in one building all day.

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