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Erie County Senior Services partnership with Hearts and Hand Faith and Action

Posted at 4:48 PM, May 15, 2020

Erie County Senior Services new partnership with Heart and Hand is a great resource if you need some help picking up groceries or getting a lift somewhere. Melanie Camp spoke with David Shenk, the commissioner of Erie County Senior Services. When asked how Senior Services has been helping people during the pandemic? He said they have had to be pretty innovative. They developed a program for essential and nonessential transportation for seniors and the disabled. Also, they provide grocery shopping and delivery and if you need any other essential items like medication. Even if you just lonely and need a phone call, someone to call you if you don’t have that strong network around you.

Erie County Senior Services has a meal program for home delivered meals. They’ve had a great response. They enhanced their go and dine program from four vouchers a month to eight. For that program call 716-858-8526.

If you are a restaurant who would like to participate in the dine and go program please email the Erie County Senior Services at