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Enrolling your children in a charter school is easier than ever

Posted at 4:07 PM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-24 16:12:17-04

Right now, Enroll Buffalo is offering something really great for parents who may be looking for something a little different for their kids.

Tamaira Coleman principal of King Center Charter School says it is a really amazing opportunity and says Enroll Buffalo is school choice at its finest, in offering parents the opportunity to apply to multiple charter schools on one common application so you don’t have to go from school to school, website to website, you can do your research and decide which schools you want to apply to, all in one place, up to 19 options of schools that are participating in the Enroll Buffalo process.

If you are interested or would like to apply you go to the website,, where you can see the different schools that are participating. Tamaira Coleman says you can fill out your application and at the end you just check the boxes of the schools you are interested in sending your application to, you only have to fill it out once and it goes to every school you are interested in.

Tamaira, says we are the King Center Charter School and foundation of our school is based on leadership. She says we are a leadership school participating in the Leader in Me program that is founded by the Stephen Covey Foundation which is which is basically rooted in the 7 principles of highly effective people. She goes on to say, we take that process and it filters out into everything we do in the school day which has been a really great model for personal leadership and academic excellence and community participation.

Daniel Brink-Washington, executive director of Buffalo Commons Charter School says Enroll Buffalo Charter is fantastic for students, for families, for schools, for everybody. He says it’s place where a parent can go to find out all the different options for their children and then apply right there in minutes. He says we live in this wonderful world where you can actually choose which school your child goes to and where you go to school really matters, so being able to have that choice and then make that choice really convenient for parents is super awesome.

Daniel says Buffalo Commons is the newest member of the charter community in the city, so we are launching kindergarten and first grade this coming Fall and we are building this wonderful nurturing school community that emphasizes diversity, that reflects our entire city as well as a sense of belonging for every single student who comes through our doors. Daniel says we provide an academic program that is rigorous and engaging and it features a ton of project-based learning opportunities so that kids are really applying the skills they have been developing and I guess it is also it is really important to understand that we are really for everybody, so we serve a wide range of students. He says that means that kids that are really well prepared are going to come in and find lots of great challenges and students that have rather particular learning needs are going to get the specifics supports they need to excel too. He says lastly, I would say in addition to that wonderful rich academic program, we believe that school is a place where kids should have an opportunity to be supported in developing a sense of purpose. He says our program consistently asks students to reflect on questions of, what am I good at, what brings me joy, and what does the world need, because we believe if a kid can answer those questions and you can kind of see the overlap of where that is happening, that’s the path to a successful and fulfilling life and that’s what we try to provide to every kid, that’s what I want for my kid, that’s what I want for every kid.

The application deadline is April 1, 2022.

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