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Enroll Buffalo deadline is April 1st

Posted at 4:35 PM, Mar 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 12:46:01-04

AM Buffalo has been telling you about Enroll Buffalo. If you are interested or would like to apply to a charter school for next year, you can go to the website,, where you can see the different schools that are participating. You can fill out your application and at the end you just check the boxes of the schools you are interested in sending your application to. You only have to fill it out once and it goes to every school you are interested in.

We have been visiting the different charter schools and today we see three more of the charter schools you can apply to for the next academic year, but the deadline is April 1st.

Arielle Peterson, principal of Primary Hall Preparatory Charter School says if you are talking about Enroll Buffalo Charter Schools, there is a school for every student. She says as a parent and advocate for parent choice, you should be looking for what school community works best for your and your family and specifically for your child’s needs.

Arielle says Primary Hall is about individualized support. She says we are a school that has an American sign language program; our kids are learning to sign and that’s something that is different than any other school in our region.

AM Buffalo also visited Buffalo Academy of Sciences and Emily spoke with Kortini Burg, director of enrollment at the Academy of Sciences School. Buffalo Academy of Science is a STEM school, so science, technology, engineering and math are all in the curriculum and Kortini says we specialize in robotics and things like that. She says we are also a public school so there is no tuition, it’s free of cost so you can live anywhere in Buffalo; you can live in Cheektowaga, anywhere around the Buffalo residing area and be able to attend Buffalo Academy. She says we want our kids to be prepared for a future workforce because a lot of that is going to be technology and a lot of it is going to be engineering and that’s what we really want to do; we want to prepare our kids for the future because they are our future.

Andrea Todoro, School Leader, West Buffalo Charter School says a charter school is truly a one-of-a-kind place. She says they pride themselves in doing what’s in the best interest of the students across the board whether that’s academic, social, emotionally. She says times have changed with COVID and modifying and adapting to what your students need. She goes on to say I think it is a feel and often times people that come into the school talk a lot about the feel they get when they walk through the doors , that it’s welcoming, it’s warm.

Andrea says West Buffalo is known for just modifying our program to fit the needs of the students and often times parents will ask me what kind type of child are you looking for and that’s a really easy question to answer because I say I’m not looking or any type of child. She says it is our job, and our duty as educators to modify and adapt our program to meet the needs of the children that are here in front of us.

She says they pride themselves in being a diverse school and we have 22 languages represented with our building and when you come here you are just part of the family.

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