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Emily talks with the Nathan Fillion, star of The Rookie and guest star Niecy Nash

Posted at 5:58 PM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 17:58:06-04

If you are a fan of the ABC show, The Rookie, there is something to look forward to this weekend. There is a two-part special that starts this Sunday at 10pm

Emily Lampa got to chat with the star of the show, Nathan Fillion and guest star Niecy Nash to get a sneak peek at what we’re hearing is going to be some pretty exciting tv.

Nathan Fillioin says Niecy Nash is extremely easy to work with and just has her very own brand of being; it is extremely kind, extremely sweet, but very powerful, very certain, very much Niecy.

Niecy says of her character, I feel Simone meeting Nolan is the gift she didn’t know she needed because at the academy, you know, with you being the only one, you feel alone and then she meets this guy and like everything he is saying, she is hanging on his every word so she can tuck it in for her journey.

Niecy says, first of all, anything you want to do take a swing at it, go for it; it doesn’t matter where you are in life, you can always course correct, do a hard re-set and go chase that thing, and when people tell me no, what I hear is ask another way.

Nathan says if this show can be anything, I want it to be inspirational or the spin off show, God willing; to be inspirational, not to be police officers of FBI agents necessarily but to have that courage to follow a dream, have that courage to live your life to its fullest and to do something for yourself that makes you better.

You can watch The Rookie right here on Channel 7 on Sunday nights at 10pm.