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Emily and her family visit the National Comedy Center

Posted at 6:14 PM, Jul 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 18:14:22-04

The National Comedy Center in Jamestown is having summer fun weeks and Emily and her family, “the Wally’s” check it out. Summer fun weeks give you something new every week of the summer. Summer fun and Riverside Saturdays runs now through August 7th .

Journey Gunderson, executive director of the National Comedy Center says in addition to your visit to the National Comedy Center museum attraction that tells the story of the entirety of comedy history of the craft, these seven weeks lean into some of the genres of comedy, like animated comedy, workplace comedy, slapstick, the healing power of comedy, and the legends of comedy. They keep the museum open a little later on Saturday nights until 7pm.

For anyone visiting the National Comedy Center and our museum experience you start by personalizing your visit with your own sense of humor profile that you create upon arrival. That data is stored in your wrist band and the exhibits in the museum read the room like any good comedian has to, so you’re being presented with comedy that matches your taste and they introduce you to artists you may not be aware of. When children come into the attraction, they get their own guide to the exhibits that are the most kid friendly. One of the favorites for kids is prop stars. Journey says be sure not to miss it. It is a whoopie cushion where you can grab a rubber chicken or a tomato or anvil off the shelf, put it on the table, spin it and see clips of the use of that comedy prop throughout history. There is so much at the Comedy Center, and Journey says it is one of the most interactive museums in the world.

Journey says there can never be two visits to the Comedy Center that are the same. She says there is so much to do here you can spend days.

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