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Electric cars – What you need to know

Posted at 6:05 PM, Oct 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-12 18:05:17-04

Brian Moody, Autotrader executive editor says Kia’s EV6 is an all-electric car. Not only is it an electric car, but it was designed to be an electric car from the beginning, so it is not adapted from something else.

If we are thinking of saying goodbye to gas what do we need to know before we do that? Brian says he thinks infrastructure is a big one. He says at Autotrader they did the research and they found that 80% of electric vehicle owners charge their car at home. If you are not able to install one at home for whatever reason, and the unwritten thing about this is that it leaves out a lot of renters. A lot of people who own their home can do whatever they want if the are buying an electric car. Brian says infrastructure has to be there to support. He also says people would be surprised at how many charging stations there are. The Kia EV6 has a 300 mile range so you wouldn’t be charging it every day. He says the 300 miles is similar to what you would have in a tank of gas in a normal car.

Some things we may not think about that may stop us from buying an electric car when it could be a good option? Brian says he thinks most of it is perception. They don’t realize two thing which are what is the actual range of an electric car today and how much do I drive on a daily basis? He thinks people over-estimate how much they are actually driving. The average person is not driving a hundred miles a day. Whatever you do, even if you are out in the field you are not driving that much a day so a 300 mile range on a car is more enough and says he thinks the varier is perception.

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