Elderly Parents Assets

S.C. Parker & Co., Inc.
Posted at 1:52 PM, Oct 28, 2016

Every person has their own unique circumstances and goals, both financially and in life.

Working with them, one on one, we develop a financial plan that will help carry them through to success.  Striving to keep things simple and straightforward, we address financial issues and implement effective practices and systems that will increase the client’s wealth.

The investment world is often quite complex. It is also a world that constantly changes.  That change creates opportunity and risk at the same time.  Helping you to make sense of it all and understanding your investments is a large part of the job. 

Our emphasis is on the diversification of assets, a balanced approach to investing and managing risk to achieve sustainable returns over time.  The research is an everyday activity.  It goes hand in hand with tracking one’s progress and making the needed changes and adjustments over time.There is never a fee to consult with one of our advisors.  If you would be interested, please call at (716) 632 – 6800 or email us at Info@scparker.com.