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Posted at 11:45 AM, Nov 02, 2016
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Top Warning Signs You Need New Brakes

There are several essential components to the brakes on your automobile. All of these parts should be checked at least once a year. Your vehicle's brakes are one feature that should always be in top working condition.

So how do you know if you have potential brake problems? Below are a few brake repair warning signs you should be aware of. If you experience any of the following, you should immediately make an appointment to have your brakes serviced.

High pitch squeal

If you hear a high pitch squeal when you apply the brakes – this is a sign your brake pads are wearing low. There's a small metal shim, called an indicator, which is giving you an audible warning that you need to replace your brake pads. If you hear it this sound regularly – it's time to stop in and have your brakes serviced.

Fading or lack of responsiveness

If your brakes don't seem to have that "grip" they used to, or if the pedal "sinks" toward the floor when you apply a constant pressure, you could have a leak in your brake system. Either air is getting in, or brake fluid is getting out. Either way – you likely need brake repair service.

Pulling: When you press on the brakes, does your car "pull" to the left or right? Your brakes could be worn unevenly and in need of an adjustment.

Grinding or growling noises

When brake pads are completely worn out, the metal of the caliper will grind against the metal of your rotors. Not only is this extremely dangerous, as you have very little stopping power this way, but you are doing damage to your rotors. This may lead to additional repair costs – if you need to replace brake pads and rotors.


If your brake pedal has a vigorous vibration when applied, you may have warped brake rotors. Rotors can be warped from long periods of sustained, heavy braking, such as driving down a steep incline or when towing. Keep in mind though; a vibration can also be caused by your car being out of alignment.

We can't emphasize enough the importance of maintaining effective brakes and stopping power. For the reliability and safety of your automobile and passengers, these are issues that cannot be ignored. If you are unsure about a noise or vibration coming from your vehicle, please stop in to have this situation checked out. We offer free visual inspections. The peace of mind alone is worth the visit. We always accept walk-ins, but encourage you to make an appointment in advance.