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Dr. Todd Shatkin gives back to the community

Posted at 6:22 PM, Dec 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-14 18:22:59-05

Mel talks with Dr. Todd Shatkin.about 2020, the pandemic and how he helped the community. Back in the spring Governor Cuomo asked businesses that could possibly retool to make masks to do so and they would support that effort. Dr. Shatkin says by the end of April they had ordered the N-95 mask making machines and by the first part of May they had them up and running. They have been making the N-95 masks at their building on Kensington since May and they have made over 2 million masks so far. Dr. Shatkin said they sold a large number of those masks and they have donated a large number of those masks and will continue to donate and provide for the local Western New York community. One of the people Dr. Shatkin donated masks to was Angelic Holt from Scholar Toddler Day Care with her bookbag drive and he is helping her out again with her Christmas Tree drive.

Angelic Holt says she was very excited because Dr. Shatkin donated masks in the summer for school. She says it is very nice of him to collaborate with her this time around by donating Christmas Trees for this event. Angelic says she has a small business, very small and she doesn’t have as big of a platform so, for him to really support her in both of her events is absolutely wonderful. She goes on to say a little really goes a long way with both of her events and she experienced it first-hand. She was able to give to a lot of people just from the little bit the community contributed, so it doesn’t take much just one act of kindness goes a long way.


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