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Dr. Todd Shatkin donates masks

Posted at 9:15 PM, Aug 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-18 21:15:46-04

At the end of March Governor Cuomo asked local businesses to consider retooling and start to make PPE (personal protective equipment). Dr. Todd Shatkin took that request and started to look into making masks. He found the equipment he needed and purchased it. He says it took a couple of months for it to arrive and about two months ago they started manufacturing the masks.

Dr. Shatkin says they were lucky enough to receive a grant from the New York State government. The governor said any companies that considered retooling, he would support and try and help. They applied and received a grant of $675,000 and they put in about a million dollars of their own money to build a factory inFor more information click here. their building to manufacture the masks.

Dr. Todd Shatkin is a local dentist and has dental companies. He says they supply their dentists with the masks and other health care professionals and adds he is donating a fair number of them to needy businesses, charities and they did donate some to local hospitals in the midst of the pandemic. He says he is pretty excited about being able to help Western New York and health care workers across the United States and especially here in New York State.

The Shatkin’s have been involved with the Buffalo Bills for many years and have been season ticket holders since 1960. Many of the alumni are Dr. Todd’s patients and he feels close to many of them. Ed Rutkowski talked to him about making a donation to the Buffalo Bills Alumni Association and he says it was a pleasure to do that. The Buffalo Bills Alumni Association in turn donated many of them to The Peacemakers, to Father’s of Today and to local charities to help the under privileged. The initial donation was 200 masks and he just donated another 1,250 masks to them. Dr. Shatin says he is proud of our community. He goes on to say our community always comes together in a really strong way to support each other to get through the difficult times and that’s the key.


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